Window Shadows and Wine Bottles

I impulsively snapped this photo of a subject some would consider odd. But I loved the play of light and shadow on this window, the blue and green wine bottles on the sill, shaded by the reflections of breeze-swayed trees.

Easy Elegant Garden Art

An array of arrow shafts impaled the ground at an artistic angle, glass tails sparkling in the sun above a bountiful flowerbed. The picture popped out at me from the pages of a favorite magazine several summers ago. I was hooked on the idea of using wine bottles as garden art.

Never able to part with the thoughtfully crafted vessels after imbibing, my basement had begun to resemble the refuse bin of a busy bar. Oops, perhaps I shouldn’t go that far. I only partake of one glass per week, but still, over time they tend to accumulate.

I’d seen wine bottle trees before, wire poles with branches upon which to display bright bottles. They just weren’t to my taste. I liked better the idea of using simple garden stakes (the green plastic ones work well) to make sparkling yet subtle glass sculptures to shine above bright beds and accent green herb gardens.

The bottles can be placed singly, or used in groups of three or more. Colors can be chosen that work with the principle hues displayed by the plantings in each plot. I must admit I’m partial to cobalt blue. It’s beautiful in nearly any setting. Green works well for most sites too.

When scanning the wine shelves, I now find myself drawn as much by the bottle designs and colors as the wines themselves, ignoring even the enchanting tales I love of the wine flavors and interesting history of the wine makers.

So don’t stress out about your garden this spring. Relax, enjoy a glass of a favorite wine, and you’ll soon have a great vintage ornament to grace your garden and inspire your creativity throughout the summer. Salu’!