An Unidentifed Vine Reaches for the Sky, Clinging Only to Thin Air

I don’t believe I published this photo, taken a month or two ago. I was so intrigued by this vine’s ability to hold itself up without support, I had to record the sight.

For some reason, the photo system doesn’t show the vine properly when flipped over to vertical view. It really is clinging, seemingly, to thin air.

Honeysuckle – Nature’s Nighttime Perfume

The season is almost over for this lovely, fragrant vine. It will fade this month just as the flash of fireflies will lessen in frequency, replaced of course, by the crescendo chorus of katydids and crickets. The vines have grown more profusely than ever this year.

When we lived a bit further north of this site, honeysuckle shrubs were more prominent than vines, but we did have a vine clambering up the side of our milkhouse. It was a favorite place for kittens to take refuge from my constant attentions when I was a child.

You know, I’ve never seen honeysuckle perfume. Seems strange, as it’s one of the most wonderful aromas of nature.