Queen Anne’s Lace Adorns a Ragged Grass Clump at a Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Inspiration often arrives in non-conventional ways. Stepping from my car, donning mask and gloves to shop in the new normal, I found the sight of this Queen Anne’s Lace plant oddly cheering.

It’s a survivor, amid a clump of straggly grass, its bloom one of the most perfect I’ve seen from this type of wildflower. A species I love, no matter how common.

Window Shadows and Wine Bottles

I impulsively snapped this photo of a subject some would consider odd. But I loved the play of light and shadow on this window, the blue and green wine bottles on the sill, shaded by the reflections of breeze-swayed trees.

Parfait of Vehicles, Blossoms, Emerging Leaves

Springtime seems to finally be coming to the Midwest. This lovely seasonal view of a normally mundane parking lot seemed so unique I wanted to share. A momentary distraction from the recent worries we all face.

Whimsical Nautical Themed Planter Accents

Here’s a couple of shots of my latest craft creations on their way to the co-op where I display my wares.

Had some odds and ends I purchases a while ago to create jewelry or whatever – I wasn’t sure – just bought bargains in themes I liked. Not sure if they’ll sell well, or if they will hold up to weather if placed outside, but it was such fun strining the marine-themed beads and shiny silver fish onto the wires.

Penny Mason Plant Jewelry

Cats on a Hot Tin Roof?

Earlier, I posted a picture of Kitty Carlisle during her early summer pregnancy. She had five kittens, in a cozy nest in the tall grass of a nearby field. (Yes we did try to catch her and have her spayed, resulting in a doctor visit for my husband.)

She later moved them to the roof over an old storage area. A tree that has grown to encompass much of the rooftop serves as their shelter.

A friend mentioned the old movie, when I expressed the fact that I had never seen a cat take kittens onto a roof.

How we will deal with this problem remains to be seen. We can’t reach the kittens to tame them, the roof is much too fragile for humans to crawl onto. But something must be done.

If Not a Hippopotamus or a Minibus – How About a Lighted Peacock for Christmas?

The above photo doesn’t do it justice, but a lovely lighted peacock greets guests at the entrance to the headquarters of the museums in Milan, Ohio, birthplace of Thomas Edison, without whom we would not be enjoying Chrismas light displays. A  tribute to the real bird who roams the grounds in summertime:

Here’s an image of the lovely live bird as seen last summer, overseeing his realm.

An Amazing Little Moth – Yet to Be Identified

My husband rescued this lovely little moth the other day before beginning to mow the lawn. So thankful the life of this unique creature was spared. I’ve never seen one like it. A cross between a leaf and some sort of aircraft it seems . I’ll look it up when I get a chance, but not sure I remember anything like it in the pages of my field guide.