A Late Summer Stroll Amid Open Fields

A starting point for a late summer stroll, this fence is lined with ripened thistle plants. The down lines the homes of American Goldfinches, those bright yellow birds often referred to as “wild canaries”.

Thistledown in the Sun

The only thing needed to complete this picture is a goldfinch enjoying thistle seeds and carrying down back to it’s nest in progress.

Goldfinches are late season breeders. They love to raise their young in the sun of late summer. The bright little gold and black males can be seen roller coastering across meadows of late summer flowers, in search of ripening seeds.

At the home where I spent most of my school years, we planted cosmos outside our bedroom windows so we could look out and see the dazzling birds among the thin, pink pastel petals of the feathery-foliaged plants.