A Cup of Tea in January (2021)

It’s not yet time to hold tea parties with invited guests, but how about a cup of tea to make the moment special while enjoying a telephone visit?

Perhaps indulging in a good brew while reading a book would be nice, or while simply relaxing in a window seat, if you’re lucky enough to live in a vintage house?

It’s a drink with quite a long history, loved by those who treasure tradition; who believe in the power of its properties to heal our ills and bring civility. Two goals we much achieve in the coming year.

What? No Prize? Sadly, Red Rose Tea Has Modernized

What a disappointment when I opened the box. The little white ceramic prize we used to find wasn’t there. At first I thought they just missed this box, but there wasn’t the usual notice on the top, letting shoppers know this great, tasty, basic black tea also offered a bonus gift.

Apparently some accountant decided the company needed the small amount of money it cost to give customers a bright spot in an otherwise mundane day was too costly to the company.

Like so many other little perks that gave me an inexpensive pick me up, I’ll have to adjust, it seems to the disappearance of the Red Rose prize.

Fun Vintage Find – Cool Wheat Pattern China

Simply graceful, is this lovely wheat patterned china in creamy white and deep, rich green. It’s still on a thrift shop shelf after several weeks, I’m surprised. I’m guessing it’s from the 1970’s?

The shape of the cups resembles those disposable cone shaped solid plastic coffee cup of that time period. I recall one bought a holder for them with a handle, that accommodated their special shape.

Anyone else remember those? I hadn’t thought of them in years.

Time for Tea and Crumpets?

A simple, yet intricate pattern rings this cup, saucer, dessert plate set. I can just picture them on a little circular table, next to a bay window overlooking a lush garden filled with bulbs, newly emerging into the bright spring sunshine.

The perfect afternoon break for serenity and refreshment.



Spring Luncheon Inspiration – Blue Willow and Lipstick Pink Pastel Tulips

Spring is a bit slow to bloom in our area this year but I’m loving the graceful lipstick pink and almost pastel green tulips on the cover of my favorite catalog (The Vermont Country Store).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit at this table, set with classic blue willow china, savoring a light herbal tea or a bracing British variety as the sun shines in through a window overlooking an emerging garden?

We don’t take enough time for such simple, seasonal pleasures.