A Cup of Tea in January (2021)

It’s not yet time to hold tea parties with invited guests, but how about a cup of tea to make the moment special while enjoying a telephone visit?

Perhaps indulging in a good brew while reading a book would be nice, or while simply relaxing in a window seat, if you’re lucky enough to live in a vintage house?

It’s a drink with quite a long history, loved by those who treasure tradition; who believe in the power of its properties to heal our ills and bring civility. Two goals we much achieve in the coming year.

Vintage GE TV in it’s Own Console

A friend who’s made his career the sales, care, and repair of television sets says this thrift shop find from a while back was likely manufactured in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Didn’t check to see if it still works, but it’s a great piece of history.

They don’t make ’em like this these days. Quality and workmanship have gone by the wayside. Today’s TVs are barely as thick as a piece of paper. Not to my taste. To me TVs should always be furniture pieces.

Growing up, we displayed photos and plastic floral bouquets on the expansive top of the television. At Christmas Mom and I arranged a display of deer and other creatures within a forest, complete with cotton ball snow.

Sure, the TV’s energy attracted dust, but back then there was more time. It was rather rewarding to move each individual display piece, and swipe a damp cloth across it.

(The shows were better back then too. Except for a few selections, screenplay craftsmanship has gone down the tube over the past few decades.)

Wine and Cheese, Anyone?

The weather has been truly lovely lately. Except for a few days that were in the nineties, late July and early August have been quite idyllic.

This picnic set, complete with wine glasses, calls us to the country, or to a lush city park. Spread a blanket under a tree, pop the cork and slice the cheese. Relax and enjoy the soft breeze.

Time for Tea and Crumpets?

A simple, yet intricate pattern rings this cup, saucer, dessert plate set. I can just picture them on a little circular table, next to a bay window overlooking a lush garden filled with bulbs, newly emerging into the bright spring sunshine.

The perfect afternoon break for serenity and refreshment.