Signs of Change – Cirrus and Browning Cornstalks

Invited or not, autumn is on its way. Cornstalks are drying up and leaves will be doing so soon. Cirrus in the sky signal coming weather changes.

picture of open field, drying cornstalks, trees, grass
There is nothing like a walk in an open field in autumn. Changes will come soon, but for now we savor each fair day.

Beautybush – A Nostalgic Flowering Shrub that Sparks Memories of My Mother

Mom used to tell me that the official flower adopted by her graduating class was called Beauty bush. I’ve finally figured out the Beautybush is a real shrub. I can’t imagine why I hadn’t looked it up before, since I’ve always been a fervent naturalist and gardener.

Today I spotted some shrubs that rang a bell in my mind for some reason. I looked them up, and sure enough, they were lovely  examples of Beauty bushes. Cascades of pink blossoms on arching stems, the ones I spotted were on a college campus.

Here is a closeup of a branch loaded with sweet pink blooms. Wouldn’t a wedding within rows of them be wonderful?





Fun Vintage Find – Winter Rabbit

Discovered this lovely plate in a thrift shop in December – passed it up, and can’t remember for sure, was is of Scandinavian origin? Photo doesn’t do it justice, of course, but it evoked the beautiful spirit of wildlife in winter.

I don’t go on as many winter walks as in the past, but stepping through snowscapes, sharing the experience with those whose only shelter is a fence row or a burrow can be quite inspirational.

Who Wants a Minibus for Christmas (Instead of a Hippopotamus?)

Always a hippie at heart, I think VW buses are one of the cutest vehicles ever to roll off an assembly line.

This photo is from a gift bag I found, but a couple of years ago one of our neighbors decorated his mini-bus like this, actually a bit more elaborately.

I don’t know how many times we took the long way¬† home just to see it again.