Bachelor Buttons Matted Within a Sky Blue Frame

January calls for lovely images of summer. This second hand store find features one of my favorite flowers, bordered with pale blue resembling a fair summer sky.

Before I know it, I will be on my back in the grass, gazing at eye level blossoms like these. Something to focus upon, to quell anxious moments when weather forecasts include snow and ice.

Here’s how to grow these flowers next summer if you’re interested. Here’s one version of how to paint them – but I created prettier ones, if I do say so myself, a few years ago when I copied a printed design from a vintage plate.

This post includes some interesting theories regarding how bachelor’s buttons, also known as cornflowers, got their name(s).

Artistry of Nature – Plant Material as Media

Spotted this entry at floral exhibit, and soon encountered more of these lovely plant material prints for sale at a local co-op.

This example is particularly intricate.

Wish I’d pressed and saved some leaves and blossoms to attempt this whimsical, original, art form over the winter.

I’m thinking original Christmas cards . . . ???