Hedge Bindweed or Wild Morning Glory

However one refers to this flower, it’s certainly a lovely feature of fence rows, fallow fields, vacant city lots. I’ve seen it in different sizes, apparently varied varieties, from tiny and bluish to large and shaded or lined with pinkish hues.

I encountered this one on a late summer walk. Had to share this simple and casual, yet beautiful and inspiring, blossom. Hedge bindweed as a title doesn’t really do this one justice. It seems quite glorious. Since I’m not a professional botanist, I suppose I may call it what seems appropriate.

Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius–and lots of courage–to move in the opposite direction.¬†

-Albert Einstein

August Skies, Lullabies . . . from a John Denver Ballad Remain in My Head

“Cool and Green and Shady“, the song is called. I won’t type the lyrics to avoid the royalty police, but if you haven’t heard the tune, please check it out.

There’s nothing better than relaxing in nature, staring up at blue sky, whether the view is wide and open, or framed by the timbers of a dilapidated building, feathery leaves and spruce branches.

What, more than sky, whether cerulean and smooth, or black and dotted with dainty stars at night, inspires our thought processes, triggers our desire to know more, the realization we will likely never know anything for sure while our feet remain on the ground.

That realization is the beginning of real wisdom.

Cute Squirrel Offers Inspiration Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Spotted this lovely little squirrel in the parking lot of a local library.

One of the worst side effects of the COVID-19 crisis has been the closing of these  inspirational places. During a time when we are all spending more time at home, in a cruel twist of fate, we are unable to obtain books Рor DVDs for education and entertainment.

This library made an effort to remain open, serving patrons through an open window during the first week of limited local activities, until the grave danger of the disease caused them to close completely, in order to protect us.

At least spring is on its way, in spite of the forecast for snow the next few days. That thought and the sight of this cheerful little squirrel provided me with the moment of hope I needed to endure the rest of the day.

A Great Day for a Forsythia Bouquet

But I don’t have a bush of my own so I’ll just enjoy the ones I see on the way to work and this lovely bouquet on the cover of The Vermont Country Store catalog.

L. L. Bean used to have beautiful seasonally appropriate catalog covers, but alas, they’ve let me down in recent years. The emporium from The Green Mountain State thankfully still adheres to tradition.

These graceful stems, loaded with bright yellow flowers are a lovely complement to the cobalt blue glassware. The arrangement is reminiscent of spring skies of azure and gold.

P.S. Oops, the photo showed the flowers properly centered in the frame. Don’t know why the software changed the angle. No time to fix at this moment, but will try when time is available!

Fun Thrift Shop Find – Love these Quaint Little Beatrix Potter? Bunnies – Great Easter Picture . . .

Peter Rabbit is one of my favorite tales, though I’ve suffered from a strong sense of empathy always. I was so sorry Peter was sickened by the berries, even though it was supposed to have taught him a lesson.