A Truly Memorable Rainbow Offers an Encore Performance

When parked in the lot of a favorite supermarket one day last week, typing, as usual, in my car, a man approached my window, gesturing toward the sky.

If not for the thoughtful stranger, I would have missed the most memorable rainbow I have ever witnessed. The full bow stretched high across the sky, every color visible in detail. A bright rosy glow appeared for a time in the center of the arch. I’ve never seen that effect before.

Two days later, as I drove up the lane that leads to lot, at precisely the same time as the rainbow had appeared, I noted that the atmospheric conditions seemed oddly similar to those on that evening when the rainbow filled the sky with wonder.

Sure enough, when I turned my gaze toward the east, there was the base of a rainbow as vivid as the one that was there the other day. What are the chances? I wondered. The spot where the twin phenoenon touched the ground appeared to be identical. Perhaps I should locate the business that sells lottery tickets situated closest to that point.

I didn’t get my camera out in time, but this partial bow was just as vivid as the complete one that appeared at the same location two days previously!

Sunset Sky After the Storms

This photo is from about a week or so ago. Driving home between eight and nine pm, I found this cloud formation intriguing. The lovely light dropping over the edge of the curved, dark cloud created an interesting contrast.

Hotel Room Peeper

This visitor greeted me when I pulled the blinds to make sure no one looked into my hotel room during a recent overnight stay.

I was okay with this guy though. Haven’t seen one of these for awhile – a walking stick I believe? Or is it a praying mantis? Doesn’t quite look like either from this view?

Honeysuckle Vine an uninvited but very welcome plant

This plant trails without invitation, but earns appreciation, as it flows through flowerbeds, trees, piles of things that should be discarded, filling the joyous evening air of June with it’s sweet, rich scent . . .

A Twisted Mass of Fishing Lines Finds Itself Entangled Within a Driftwood Design

What a cool challenge. Thought I’d have to search for a subject, but a quick check at my memory card revealed this shot not two weeks old. Another of my wave-bourne lake treasures, like the tiny pieces of sea glass I tuck in a pocket to remember serene moments spent strolling the shore.

Twisted branches and tiny lines create a complex work of art.