Hedge Bindweed or Wild Morning Glory

However one refers to this flower, it’s certainly a lovely feature of fence rows, fallow fields, vacant city lots. I’ve seen it in different sizes, apparently varied varieties, from tiny and bluish to large and shaded or lined with pinkish hues.

I encountered this one on a late summer walk. Had to share this simple and casual, yet beautiful and inspiring, blossom. Hedge bindweed as a title doesn’t really do this one justice. It seems quite glorious. Since I’m not a professional botanist, I suppose I may call it what seems appropriate.

Side Door into a Lovely Country Church

Here’s another picture from my spring morning churchyard stroll,which I posted about earlier. There’s something simply charming about the plain white door, neat sidewalk, plush bed of vinca minor,otherwise known as “periwinkle” or “myrtle” ground cover.

It was a perfect morning, very calming. I sat beside the vinca Bed for some time, contemplating these crazy times. The solitude, except for the melodic songs of birds, gave me hope and inspiration.

Frolicking in the Morning Mist

These sailboats, just offshore inspire me to take to the water. Christopher Cross’s song “Sailing” comes to mind.

Also, inexplicably, the words from the children’s tune Peter Paul and Mary’s “Puff the Magic Dragon”.

Thankfully these boats aren’t surrounded by autumn mist, as Puff was. It’s still summer in the Midwest. The Mayflies are still stuck to the screens and fireflies light the nights.

I used to be totally worried about going out on the water, but my phobia is lessening though I still haven’t learned to swim.

Don’t know that I could learn the ropes even to control even these small boats, but, wearing a life jacket, think I might have the courage to go this far from shore.

Dockside Seating in a Lovely Little Lakeside Village

There’s nothing better than a June morning spent leisurely gazing at the water. These rustic benches look out over the docks – and the channel that leads from the slips to the open lake.

The days of my favorite month are waning, but this spot will be pleasant for many more months. Classic furniture and flowers are the best. Love the chorus line of red geraniums.