Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

Almost anybody can write a good love story. It’s much harder and more interesting to find out what it takes to be married for 50 years.

-Diana Gabaldon on writing the Outlander books.

Pet People Connections – Relationships that Sustain Us When Family and Friends Fail Us

This photo reminds my of my favorite tabby, our Penelope.

The kitty who goes on car trips with us. Who’s been with us a  bit over ten years, but who looks young for her age, and has very beautiful skin, both according to her veterinarian.

Tabbies have a reputation of being easy going, and that’s been my experience, from the ones we lived with, over our lifetime. Penelope has been the only “in the house cat” for years. Now she is having to put up with Vanna, another type of tabby.

Vanna has unique markings, including one leg that’s an orange tabby pattern. Maybe it’s that orange cat in her that gives her a bit of spunk. Though they don’t actually fight, she and Penelope are sorting out their relationship with staredowns and gentle punches.

We treasure them both, as we have all of our pets. They give us solace, when humans fail us.

Much research has been done on the benefits of the pet-people bond. But we don’t need studies to feel the love of our cats, dogs, whatever type of creature with whom we share our lives.


Happy Belated Birthday Ringo – Peace and Love to the World

Can you believe Ringo Starr is 79? His birthday was yesterday, and he’s still sober, still touring, continuing to release positive vibes into our world.

According to an article in yesterday’s Parade magazine, on impulse one year the ex-Beatle, lifelong musician begun a unique tradition of asking his fans, and hopefully everyone, to say “Peace and Love” at noon on July 7, his birthday, every year.

Perhaps “with a little help from his friends”, someday we won’t need to in the words of former Beatle, John, “imagine” a world of people living life in peace . . .

Happy Belated Birthday Ringo – Peace and Love forever, for everyone.

Pass it on!