Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

Shared stories make our world smaller and life is the real mystery –

Lea Wait, author of the Mainely Needlepoint Mysteries and other great books written for entertainment and the sharing of history

Joseph Auslander’s Delightfully Simple Comment About Spring

Years ago I framed a copy of a Vermont Life Magazine, printed back when it was a full size publication. It’s since hung on my bedroom wall, the featured words and picture offering encouragement throughout the seasons whenever I glance at it while preparing for an evening’s rest.

The back cover of the magazine, the side that I see, depicts a lovely red farmhouse surrounded by flowering crab apple trees.

The quote below the picture reads:

Spring has come, like the silver needle note of a fife. . .

The simple, profound statement was composed by Joseph Auslander.

It’s difficult to explain why I’m so moved by such simple words and the photograph of a modest country house. The combination just seems so symbolic of New England’s values: tradition, nature, hope for the future. . .

It doesn’t matter if I stop and ponder upon the photo and the simple simile in the delicate spring season during which it was written, or on a dark, dreary evening in late autumn.

I always walk away with a sense of renewal.


Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

– Vincent Van Gogh

A Happy, Peaceful, and Thoughtful Fourth of July to All

On the Fourth of July, we pull off the road beside Pruet’s; the fireworks from four towns are visible here. With daylight saving time, the sun doesn’t set until 9:18, but it takes longer for the sky to lose it’s glow, so we sit on the grass, impatient for the dazzled glory, and we are children again, awed by this great land.

-Philip Gulley, Quaker pastor and author, in “Gorgeous Summer Evenings” Lighter Side – The Saturday Evening Post – July/August 2018

Dockside Seating in a Lovely Little Lakeside Village

There’s nothing better than a June morning spent leisurely gazing at the water. These rustic benches look out over the docks – and the channel that leads from the slips to the open lake.

The days of my favorite month are waning, but this spot will be pleasant for many more months. Classic furniture and flowers are the best. Love the chorus line of red geraniums.

The Perfect Worksite – Find it Wherever Your Day Takes You

Freelance writers must find a space to work wherever their errands take them. The laundromat may not seem an ideal spot but I enjoyed creating the next chapter of a book I have in the works while my cat beds were in the wash.

This public laundry space was refurbished a few years ago. Love the lighthearted style and colors, the vintage setup of the building.

After perusing the newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee, I popped open my computer to work on  my cozy mystery. Surrounded by others, I was in my own little bubble as others focused on their own interests.

The lovely June day was warm and breezy. Clouds hinted of possible showers later, but it was a great day to do laundry, write a story, or just sit and savor the sweetness of early summer.


Whimsical decor highlights the upper walls of my favorite place to wash the clothes and home furnishings my machine at home can’t handle. Above the heavy-duty dryers, a fan offers an old-fashioned hint of cooling relief on sultry laundry days of summer. GE DIGITAL CAMERA


Springtime in the Midwest

A farm pond shimmers in the sunshine, finally warm. We’ve had a cool spring but the weather will be rising into the eighties on several upcoming days.

It would be nice to have some moderate temperatures before summer swelter, but we will take whatever warmth we can get.

Rain has been prevalent too. We’re all hungry for idyllic outdoor moments like the one I enjoyed last weekend watching the horses at spring plowing days.

Two of my favorites wait by the trailer, their part in the show over.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThis Belgian and Percheron seem like old friends. Plowing and pulling buddies, they await the trip home after two days of showing and camping overnight at the site. Regal and alert the first day, they appeared weary at the time this picture was taken. I imagine they were ready to sleep in their own stall that night.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book post #5

Reminds me of June Cleaver, climbing a ladder to vacuum her door tops in dress and high heels!

Well, I must admit to wearing sweatpants around the house quite often . . .  or staying in pajamas till noon on my days off . . . but I get the point.

Our society has become much too casual, with grown persons going about town in oddly printed pajama pants . . . at least we should throw a pair of exercise pants over them like I do if I must run to the store in a hurry!