Definitive Proof of Reindeer Flight?

Perhaps the definition one holds of actual flight determines the truth of that statement.

But the book Flight of the Reindeer by Robert Sullivan, does offer evidence and testimony by credible individuals that reindeer from a certain locale have some power to soar above the earth’s surface, at least for a short moment, and that the character we know as Santa Claus has historically touched citizens around the globe.

I highly recommend this read that’s a strange mix of confirmed fact and wishful whimsy. Curl up with a real copy, so much better than a digital version, for a mood lifting, faith boosting return to the wonder you felt as a child, this Christmas season.

Why are Pumpkins the Pie Star of Thanksgiving – Not Autumn Harvested Apples?

I pondered this question for but a moment before I realized, as a visit to the Website of Plimoth Plantation confirmed, there were no apples in the New World at the time of the first Thanksgiving.

Not only had Johnny Appleseed not yet been born, to spread seeds of this pome across America as legend has it, but the fruit had not yet been planted on the continent, to sustain colonists with its comforting taste and properties that may prevent visits to a physician as the saying goes.

Modern research supports the theory that apples can help keep us healthy “100 million bacteria at a time. Of course baking probably kills many of the bacteria. Still, fresh baked apple pie, well seasoned with cinnamon, and my secret ingredients of nutmeg and allspice is a comfort food I treasure when I have an upset stomach.

Want to enrich your Thanksgiving dinner with an apple pie, tart or a fancier apple based dessert? Food and Wine offers some tempting options, from traditional to trendy.