Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

If what I do can make a difference, can improve someone else’s life, if only for a moment, then it is worth doing.

-From the book Wintering Well by Lea Wait

Book Review of Thread on Arrival – A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery By Lea Wait

I liked this installment of the cozy mystery series better than the last. It seemed more realistic, and the budding romance between main character Angie, a manager of Haven Harbor Maine’s needlepoint creation and sales enterprise, and Patrick, the artist son of a hugely successful actress progresses nicely.

The new character, Leo, a teen without a family, taken in by Dave, Angie’s poison expert friend, is likeable, though he does become a suspect in a murder.

The scene is mid-spring. Bulbs have bloomed or are blooming, businesses are not yet facing the busyness of a Maine tourist season. Angie is determined to find out who killed two townspeople, if indeed, they were both murdered, in spite of the fact that her birthday is coming up, and her kitty, Trixie tries to distract her.

A page turner for any season.

Lea Wait keeps on earthing out new sayings from historic samplers for the beginning of each chapter. Love the historic insights and whimsy of the rhymes.

The girls of those days could do more than text and surf on smartphones.

Book Review of Thread Herrings By Lea Wait

An auction bargain becomes a motive for murder in Thread Herrings of the Mainely Needlepoint Mystery series by mystery maven and Maine historian, Lea Wait. Angie Curtis is still settling into her new life in her home state of Maine, after a decade away.

It’s winter, the time when needlepointers and antique shop owners replenish their wares. Angie’s friend Sarah Byrne invites Angie to attend an auction where she impulsively bids on a unique, but low value, needlepoint piece.

Seeking more information regarding the item’s history, Angie appears on television at the invitation of her friend and fledgling newscaster, Clem Walker. She soon fears for the lives of her friends and herself, as the TV station, and her Mainely Needlepoint business email account receive multiple death threats to herself, Clem, and anyone involved in tracing the history of the item Angie bought at the auction.

Alas, one of her acquaintances becomes a murder victim, proving the reality of the danger from the threats. Will others still be willing to help find the item’s history, and thus, hopefully, the motive for the murder?

Angie must abandon her home for her own safety as she strives to discover the killer’s motivation. A stay at the home of love interest, artist and gallery manager  Patrick West, proves interesting.

A story filled with history, friendship, a hint of romance.  Join Angie as she strives to solve the mystery of the stitchery and the identity of the murderer, amid the beauty of a New England winter.