What Weed is This?

Taken a few weeks previously, this weed is thriving. But what could it be? It appears to bear thistle blossoms or a type of bur, yet the leaves resemble honeysuckle.

Perhaps I didn’t peer closely enough on my walk that day. My field guides so far have failed to provide identification.

Honeysuckle – Nature’s Nighttime Perfume

The season is almost over for this lovely, fragrant vine. It will fade this month just as the flash of fireflies will lessen in frequency, replaced of course, by the crescendo chorus of katydids and crickets. The vines have grown more profusely than ever this year.

When we lived a bit further north of this site, honeysuckle shrubs were more prominent than vines, but we did have a vine clambering up the side of our milkhouse. It was a favorite place for kittens to take refuge from my constant attentions when I was a child.

You know, I’ve never seen honeysuckle perfume. Seems strange, as it’s one of the most wonderful aromas of nature.

Honeysuckle Vine an uninvited but very welcome plant

This plant trails without invitation, but earns appreciation, as it flows through flowerbeds, trees, piles of things that should be discarded, filling the joyous evening air of June with it’s sweet, rich scent . . .