Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Happy Mothers Day 2020 in Spite of Closed Restaurants and Predictions of Snow

This stressful spring seems to never end and now parts of the country are experiencing wintry weather when we’d rather be strolling aisles of greenhouses, bringing home flowers to plant for our mothers.

But like the hope of a mother for the future of a newly born child, we must remember that all things pass. Maybe, just maybe, when hot weather does arrive, it will burn out this virus.

But until the danger disappears, immunity comes, or a vaccine is developed and administered, we must continue to wear masks and social distance.

That won’t stop us from remembering our mothers in some way, whether we reside with them, or they are separated from us, as residents in nursing homes; places where precious citizens reside whom we must continue to protect as they are the most vulnerable among us.

If you can visit your mother, deliver dinner – her favorite takeout or a meal you cooked yourself.

If you can’t see her in person, connect via phone if possible, or send flowers. Think positive. Stay warm. Celebrate memories. Sunny days will eventually arrive on both a figurative and literal basis.


A Quote for Christmas – The Penny Mason Post

Christmas is something new that comes each year to an old world. It is like new-fallen snow upon an old tree, a new flower upon an old plant, new shoes on aging feet, a new home in an old town, a new light on a dark street, new hope in an old situation. – Robert D. Wigert

Images of the Mid-Twentieth Century A Family Dressed for Christmas

Christmas clothing choices are more casual for many of us today. I’m thankful for that, as I’m usually more ready for relaxation than celebration by the time the big day arrives. But I do miss the days when I was little and we all dressed up.

I try to wear a Holiday themed apron over my athleticwear, to brighten the mood a bit. But no high heels and no jewelry for me, though I love to see such attire on others.


Christmas Trivia – Colly Birds . . .

I misunderstood a lot of lyrics as a child.

But we’ve all been singing the wrong word within a very popular traditional Christmas carol.

I recently learned via a trivia quiz I printed for an activity I lead, that the “four calling birds” in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” were originally “colly birds”, the word “colly” meaning black – so four black birds. Colly – like coally . . .the color of coal . . .

This Washington Post piece gives the full literary and cultural explanation of how the lyrics evolved and the song was popularized.

Calling bird seems to describe a more unique creature than a simple black bird like a starling or grackle.

But if colly bird refers to a crow, it describes a bird with great character – one of the best avian pets – a bird which loves to interact with humans, and tries to learn their language – in effect, a calling bird, I suppose.

Just a bit of food for thought in case we don’t all have enough to do during this busiest of holiday seasons . . .



A Happy, Peaceful, and Thoughtful Fourth of July to All

On the Fourth of July, we pull off the road beside Pruet’s; the fireworks from four towns are visible here. With daylight saving time, the sun doesn’t set until 9:18, but it takes longer for the sky to lose it’s glow, so we sit on the grass, impatient for the dazzled glory, and we are children again, awed by this great land.

-Philip Gulley, Quaker pastor and author, in “Gorgeous Summer Evenings” Lighter Side – The Saturday Evening Post – July/August 2018

Christmastime at the Waterside

The beach is lovely at any time of year. I received a great gift – a sunny hour spent there not long ago, as we experienced a respite from the early cold of winter.

So thankful to the locals for hanging decorations to spruce up the site.

Majestic Nutcrackers Guard the Entrance of One of Milan’s Historic Homes

If you’ve never visited Milan, Ohio’ beautiful museums, you must resolve to do so in the new year. Of course, if you’re in the area, this is a great time to come. The town is extra festive at the Holiday season.

The small yet stately birthplace of Thomas Alva Edison, the father of the lights we enjoy at Chrismas.



If Not a Hippopotamus or a Minibus – How About a Lighted Peacock for Christmas?

The above photo doesn’t do it justice, but a lovely lighted peacock greets guests at the entrance to the headquarters of the museums in Milan, Ohio, birthplace of Thomas Edison, without whom we would not be enjoying Chrismas light displays. A  tribute to the real bird who roams the grounds in summertime:

Here’s an image of the lovely live bird as seen last summer, overseeing his realm.