Of Postponed Elections and Sixties Sitcoms

My post on Monday March 16 turned out to be a bit premature. Our Ohio election was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The other states with elections scheduled that day went ahead and opened the polls. Too bad the governors didn’t convene and decide whether or not to allow elections to take place or not in all of the states. Add another unfair feature to our primary election process.

I’ve always maintained all 50 states should hold primaries simultaneously. It’ the only way to give each candidate an equal chance.

Now we are left in limbo, unsure when ballots may be cast.

Toilet paper, bread, eggs, and other essentials are still in short supply in grocery stores. Why must customers take more than their share? Certainly there wouldn’t be a shortage if everyone just did their regular shopping.

None of us can predict the extent to which this virus will spread, or the impact all of the closings will have on the lives of displaced workers.

But the situation certainly points out the need to set up a healthcare system that’s fair and affordable to all, better pay for basic jobs, appropriate tax rates for the very wealthiest among us.

When elections resume, we must vote for candidates who sincerely support measures to lift up the lives of low and middle income workers, and very small businesses.

Once again, I apologize for this break from the usual upbeat posts, but times like these seem to require serious commentary.

Hopefully all readers are doing as well as possible during these difficult days. We must focus on the good deeds we hear of, and take time for mental and physical self-care.

I’ve been watching the 1960s sitcom, Green Acres.

Its absurdity is good for a great many laughs, yet the plight of idealist Oliver Douglas against the government, the utilities, and Mr. Haney, the local huckster, rings true for many of us.

Peace, health, and goodwill to all followers of The Penny Mason Post and to everyone else as well!

Note: We will try to edit posts prior to their appearance on the blog, but some posts have been pre-scheduled, thus comments may occasionally not fit the current unprecedented conditions. Please excuse anything we miss that seems out of place.