Window Shadows and Wine Bottles

I impulsively snapped this photo of a subject some would consider odd. But I loved the play of light and shadow on this window, the blue and green wine bottles on the sill, shaded by the reflections of breeze-swayed trees.

A Casche of Stones from a Recent Lake Sojourn

Sometimes when I gather glass and stones at the shore, I have a goal in mind. Once I spotted a stone shaped like a heart. It inspired me to seek more.

Other times, I look for some that I can use for my latest crafting plan. Though I often change my mind before beginning a project, as it seems sacreligeous somehow, to deface or repurpose such simple yet lovely examples of nature’s artistry.

Lately, I’ve simply glanced at the selections as I make my way down the beach, and reached for the ones which call to me. It’s a good way to tune ones sense of intution. I take them home and lay them in a sunny window, letting the light bring out their shapes and details, and the many lovely shades of gray.

Tiny Treasure Surrounded by Sand Crystals

A find from a recent lake excursion, this lovely sanded relic –  a fragment of a bottle or whatever glass product fell in the water at some point in history was a treasure to me the day it was placed in front of me by the tide as I strolled along the beach.

The tiny grains of sand seemed to mirror it’s image, when I set the gem upon the surface of a weathered log that landed on the beach over the winter.

Vintage Vases are Always a Temptation . .

Whenever I visit this favorite thrift shop, my vision zeroes in on the lovely wall display of sparkling glassware from years past.

A dose of color therapy, as well as a trigger for memories.

The simple experience of growing one’s own posies, choosing  a few to clip for indoor enjoyment, and arranging them casually in a colorful container can be immensely rewarding.

Some mid-twentieth century homes include windows with narrow shelves across the bases of the panes.

I still regularly pass a few of these, lined with colorful vases and interestingly shaped art glass. What a wonderful way to enjoy the vases and bring color to one’s home in winter.

Tide Tossed Treasures – 11-2018

The nearest experiences to treasure hunts I’ve enjoyed in years are recent visits to the southern shores of the great lakes (the Atlantic when I can make it). I love to stroll the sand, seeking bits of glass, stones that speak to me, or surf smoothed pieces of driftwood, even the walnut that made it’s way .

Maybe to many my tiny treasures seem insignificant. But daydreamers like me find solace and inspiration in the souvenirs we stuff in our pockets to remind us of our beach walks.

Keepsakes that carry the spirit of the sea, our finds bring to mind stories of the origins of the objects we discover, before they were captured by the waters and deposited at our feet by the force of a rhythmic wave.