A Hope for Peace and a Unique Arrangement

This thrift shop find is whimsically inspirational. A reminder we can make great artistry from inexpensive found objects. Such fun to browse secondhand shops and view the unique ways merchandise can be displayed.

Just remember to wear a mask and keep your distance as you seek cheer and support local businesses these winter days – so stores can stay open safely.

The dove and the upward reaching display behind it seems symbolic of our hope for a more peaceful and positive 2021.

Wasted Wheels?

What’s the story? A future biker outgrows his first Harley? Or, the motor died in this miniature motorcycle discovered by the side of the recycling trailer?

I didn’t have batteries with me to see if the motor within this big ticket toy still runs. Maybe it doesn’t.

But I have often noticed items seemingly still in good condition abandoned at recycling drop sites. Though recycling itself offers a sort of second life for discarded merchandise, I would much rather see unwanted furniture and toys taken to a secondhand shop where they might be rescued by someone who would appreciate them.