Sprays of Late Season Wild Plants Create Interest

This oddly splayed whorl of foliage caught my attention on a recent walk.

I didn’t look up the species’ ID, but the clump of plants, waning as autumn overtakes the fields, provided a moment of inspiration.

A Memorable Gift – Inspired by Nature’s Autumn Artistry


Nearly identical aren’t they?

A friend who knows of my penchant for foliage brought me this lovely and delicious cookie recently.

The culinary artistry mirrored that of nature almost perfectly. The cookie was absolutely luscious but I’m thankful I thought to snap it’s photo before consuming – to preserve the memory of the gift and the experience of finding its twin on the lawn.

Fun Thrift Shop Find -Unique Painting of Unknown Origin

Don’t know the history of this interesting painting, but was attracted by it’s contrasting foliage, and the gradual change from dark to light.

Didn’t bring it home. The subject isn’t something I want to feast my eyes upon every day, but I was quite inspired by it. For some reason it’s triggering the impulse to tackle the creation of  a story of fantasy – not my normal genre.