This Lovely Sky Reminds Me of Raspberry Sherbet as I Travel Homeward

I am very lucky to have such lovely spots to see the sun set as I travel home from town. Red sky at nigh, sailors’ delight the saying goes. This sky seems to bode fair weather, or at least favorable winds for the morrow.

These People Know How to Make Waffles

French waffles are a county fair tradition for us and this trailer is the only one who serves them properly – fresh made and packaged in paper bags.

Other companies try to compete, but since the simple yet special confections aren’t their specialty, they just don’t compare. Worse yet, they package them in sealed plastic bags that make them soggy!

The real ones, made by this trailer that’s been in the same family for decades cost a bit more but the flavor and texture is worth the extra expense. The fair only comes once a year, so I consider it okay to splurge for a few special treats.