Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius–and lots of courage–to move in the opposite direction. 

-Albert Einstein

Cross Currents

A windy day at the water last fall. I snapped this photo which captured the interesting geometric pattern formed by the waves amid the rocks.

It’s winter today, but it won’t be long before we can enjoy balmy days at the beach.

A Casche of Stones from a Recent Lake Sojourn

Sometimes when I gather glass and stones at the shore, I have a goal in mind. Once I spotted a stone shaped like a heart. It inspired me to seek more.

Other times, I look for some that I can use for my latest crafting plan. Though I often change my mind before beginning a project, as it seems sacreligeous somehow, to deface or repurpose such simple yet lovely examples of nature’s artistry.

Lately, I’ve simply glanced at the selections as I make my way down the beach, and reached for the ones which call to me. It’s a good way to tune ones sense of intution. I take them home and lay them in a sunny window, letting the light bring out their shapes and details, and the many lovely shades of gray.

Evening Light at the Lake

Swimmers take to the water as the sun descends behind a curtain of clouds. It’s about eighty and muggy. A classic late August day. The last day, sadly, for those who love the traditional months of summer.

But September and October hold magical moments of their own – apple picking, county fairs, clear bright days when sunlight shines on painted leaves . . .

And more great days to visit the lake – to sit on wave smoothed logs and stare at the horizon line, stroll the beach, shopping for sea glass and stones – to imagine the bright future which seems possible when one is by the water.

Treasure in the Sand

I never tire of sifting through the lakeside sand for wave tossed wonders. Three small triangles of glass, a cool piece of driftwood that’s obviously from a structured object- I’m trying to guess what it’s from- and several interesting stones were things that called to me this last Sunday.

I keep imagining the wood might be from a shipwreck. Yes, I realize it’s more likely from a lakefront shanty, but that’s okay. Watching the waves exercises the imagination. Some day I’m really going to write my book of made up histories of found objects. I think it would be so much fun to read and to write such stories.