A Hope for Peace and a Unique Arrangement

This thrift shop find is whimsically inspirational. A reminder we can make great artistry from inexpensive found objects. Such fun to browse secondhand shops and view the unique ways merchandise can be displayed.

Just remember to wear a mask and keep your distance as you seek cheer and support local businesses these winter days – so stores can stay open safely.

The dove and the upward reaching display behind it seems symbolic of our hope for a more peaceful and positive 2021.

Of Chocolate Treats and Secrets to Success and Happiness

I “love Dove”. I’m not saying it simply because it’s their slogan. I must truly praise this chocolate treat that’s actually good for us – as long as we partake of just one small, foil-wrapped square at a time – rather than to excess.

The rich dark chocolate of which Dove is created is reported to be more heart-healthy, and it’s exceptionally delicious. The samples of wisdom, like the following one, from Dove fans, bring mental inspiration.

Be someone you look up to.

By Emily N. (Kansas) – from a Dove Bar miniature wrapper

These quotations printed on the foil, like the small strips of paper inside fortune cookies, are greatly appreciated by everyday philosophers like me.Discover more here.

The saying included above prompted me to compose this post. What better sentiment to inspire us to stay the course in our career and personal pursuits, than to envision ourselves as our own mentors?

So next time you crave chocolate, why not indulge in the dark, silky-smooth and complex taste of a delicious Dove miniature; the special morsel that will satisfy your taste for chocolate in a relatively healthy way, and offer a message that will make you happy?