Window Shadows and Wine Bottles

I impulsively snapped this photo of a subject some would consider odd. But I loved the play of light and shadow on this window, the blue and green wine bottles on the sill, shaded by the reflections of breeze-swayed trees.

Currier and Ives and Other Lovely Winter Scenes

A lovely selection of nicely framed prints awaits thrift shop browsers. At least the one in the right foreground I believe to be a Currier and Ives. The others are similar in style, but I’m not sure of the painter.

We must consider the beauty of winter, even as we struggle with ice and snow.

There are many trade-offs as times change. Home life is much easier during the cold season than it was back then, but at least in earlier days there wasn’t the necessity of traveling treacherous highways daily.

Not for Sale – On Display at My Favorite Thrift Shop

This thrift shop is more upscale than most. I love the photos hanging along the stairway, like this one – is it perhaps set in Paris?

Reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn movie. Romance on a rainy day.

Love the gingham umbrella.




Fun Vintage Find – Decorative Plastic Fruit – Triggers Memories from the Sixties

When I was a kid one of the items of home decor I longed for but which my mother declined to purchase was a fresh selection of lovely plastic fruit, attractively arranged in a wicker bowl to tempt unsuspecting guests with it’s succulence.

Becoming more and more like my mother as I age, I now see little sense in fake food or tempting scents of baking pies exuded by glowing candles – I much prefer living plants, edible fruit, attractive artwork, and candles filling the air with the fresh scents of nature.

But when I spotted this offering at a local shop, I couldn’t help but have a flashback to a visit to the home of a friend of my mother, when I first viewed an offering of waxy looking plastic citrus, bananas, grapes artfully arranged in a basket like this.

Lonely Little Verbena in a Petunia Basket

It’s the little things that make our days bright. Like this hanging basket of posies at the corner of a village gas station I pass on my way nearly each day.

Spotting it there makes my mornings cheerier. I especially love the charm of the one lovely little pure white verbena shoot that survives amid the hot pink petunias.

I throw a bottle of water on the basket when I pass on hot weekend mornings, as the guys who work weekends don’t seem to notice it’s thirst. The lady who operates the store/gas station through the week struggles to keep it perky as she imagines some people may like to see it hanging there.

It certainly has an admirer in me. One of those simple, special touches so missing in today’s rushed society.

The Perfect Worksite – Find it Wherever Your Day Takes You

Freelance writers must find a space to work wherever their errands take them. The laundromat may not seem an ideal spot but I enjoyed creating the next chapter of a book I have in the works while my cat beds were in the wash.

This public laundry space was refurbished a few years ago. Love the lighthearted style and colors, the vintage setup of the building.

After perusing the newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee, I popped open my computer to work on  my cozy mystery. Surrounded by others, I was in my own little bubble as others focused on their own interests.

The lovely June day was warm and breezy. Clouds hinted of possible showers later, but it was a great day to do laundry, write a story, or just sit and savor the sweetness of early summer.


Whimsical decor highlights the upper walls of my favorite place to wash the clothes and home furnishings my machine at home can’t handle. Above the heavy-duty dryers, a fan offers an old-fashioned hint of cooling relief on sultry laundry days of summer. GE DIGITAL CAMERA


Majestic Nutcrackers Guard the Entrance of One of Milan’s Historic Homes

If you’ve never visited Milan, Ohio’ beautiful museums, you must resolve to do so in the new year. Of course, if you’re in the area, this is a great time to come. The town is extra festive at the Holiday season.

The small yet stately birthplace of Thomas Alva Edison, the father of the lights we enjoy at Chrismas.



Love Purple? Make Your Own Kind of Christmas . . .

I must confess I favor traditional Christmas decor.

Still, I’m glad that, gone are the days when we had to follow strict tradition at the expense of personal expression.

Love purple? Here’s a pretty tree I spotted at a local vintage shop display.

Don’t know that the details at the top belong there – especially in a vintage store. I’ve never seen those until this year. I’m guessing they’re supposed to look like star shine, but they’re a bit much for me.

A simply shaped star says it all, as far as I’m concerned.

Tiny Bouquets add Charm to Kitchen Tables

I can’t grow a bounty of blooming plants like I used to but still enjoy having fresh flowers by bringing in a few tiny blooms and arranging them in a miniature bud vase.

I’m actually finding I prefer these very small bouquets. They fit anywhere – my kitchen table is my favorite place, though placement upon a desk is a wonderful way to view them too.

A few flowers to feed the soul are a staple for me and others who share a taste for nature’s artistry and whimsical displays.