A Cup of Tea in January (2021)

It’s not yet time to hold tea parties with invited guests, but how about a cup of tea to make the moment special while enjoying a telephone visit?

Perhaps indulging in a good brew while reading a book would be nice, or while simply relaxing in a window seat, if you’re lucky enough to live in a vintage house?

It’s a drink with quite a long history, loved by those who treasure tradition; who believe in the power of its properties to heal our ills and bring civility. Two goals we much achieve in the coming year.

Fun Vintage Find – Cool Wheat Pattern China

Simply graceful, is this lovely wheat patterned china in creamy white and deep, rich green. It’s still on a thrift shop shelf after several weeks, I’m surprised. I’m guessing it’s from the 1970’s?

The shape of the cups resembles those disposable cone shaped solid plastic coffee cup of that time period. I recall one bought a holder for them with a handle, that accommodated their special shape.

Anyone else remember those? I hadn’t thought of them in years.