Christmas Trees are Welcome Gifts No Matter What Size or Shape

The pine cone tree on its birch base and the little tree crafted from festive green and silver paper were quite unexpected and very welcome gifts received by mail this week from a friend in Maine. They make a great addition to the mini forest she sent me a few years previously, when she led a paper tree fundraising project with her grandchildren.

They remind me so much of the thick, fragrant pine forests of the distinctive northeastern state so different from my native Midwest. I haven’t made it to Maine in a few years, but memories return as I sit at my desk and admire the miniature artistry.

The tiny tree inside the dome was a gift from my husband. A talented designer and machinist, he created this “world’s smallest Christmas tree” himself from exotic wood, metal and Austrian crystal. It’s not easy doing intricate craftsmanship on such a tiny scale.

We didn’t put up a traditional Christmas tree, but our holiday will still be special thanks to these thoughtful creations and the other small decorations displayed about our home, many of them gifts I’ve received from friends over the years.

Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Definitive Proof of Reindeer Flight?

Perhaps the definition one holds of actual flight determines the truth of that statement.

But the book Flight of the Reindeer by Robert Sullivan, does offer evidence and testimony by credible individuals that reindeer from a certain locale have some power to soar above the earth’s surface, at least for a short moment, and that the character we know as Santa Claus has historically touched citizens around the globe.

I highly recommend this read that’s a strange mix of confirmed fact and wishful whimsy. Curl up with a real copy, so much better than a digital version, for a mood lifting, faith boosting return to the wonder you felt as a child, this Christmas season.

Forgotten Christmas Ornament Offers a Delightful Moment

Spotted this last week at my favorite second hand shop:

It’s almost spring but I guess someone forgot to put this little apple away after Christmas at the thrift shop. Or, like me, they decided to leave a trace of Christmas cheer on display until winter is over.

Either way, the sight of this beautifully crafted, glossy little apple made my day.

I almost asked to purchase it, then decided to leave it, to perhaps offer a moment of delight to the minority of others like me, who can be lifted from the depths of late winter depression by a moment of whimsy.


One of the Best Christmas Displays We’ve Seen in Years

We had to go back to Norwalk after viewing this display and so many others in the town earlier this Christmas season.

Few light shows rival this one – literally like stepping into a perfectly planned Christmas wonderland. Its cheerful and colorful, yet tasteful and prestigious.

Light displays are, for us, the best part of Christmas. And they’re free for the viewing, other than the gasoline. We applaud the fact that more and more homeowners are leaving their lights up long past Christmas.

A Dreamy Christmas Day After a Fearsome Eve of Fog

The services of Rudolph were definitely in order the night before this Christmas. Here in northern Ohio, we suffered roughly 36 hours of dense fog, from the evening of December 23 until Christmas morning. My drive home on the 24th was frightening at times, thought I am thankful it wasn’t snowing.

My wish for a green Christmas came when the fog cleared on Christmas morning. The temperature in the afternoon flirted with 60 degrees. It was a lovely day after a short, strange, and not so Christmasy season for me. No disasters, thankfully, it just didn’t really seem like Christmastime until yesterday.

Now I’m ready for the season to begin again, the light shows, cards, thoughts of giving. We can at least do those things for another week, and really, why not anytime? Especially the thoughtful giving to those in need part.

Following are a few photos from my stroll on the lawn after a tasty salmon dinner, before package opening. (We broke with tradition a bit this year, eating the holiday meal, with its new first course, first, before opening presents.

Who would want to remain inside on a day like today? Though I will say, the sun shining in through the windowpanes made my few decorations dazzle, and brightened spirits as well.

Drying apples bask in the golden light of a beautiful Christmas Day in Ohio


Blue bottles catch the slanting rays of sunlight on Christmas, three days past solstice this season.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAContrails from Christmas travelers line the sky over our lawn, from northwest to southeast.

GE DIGITAL CAMERABranches of the ash tree on our front lawn lean in a similar direction.

Though we can learn a lot from the beauty of the rhythms of the changing seasons, I wouldn’t complain if all Christmases were this balmy, not to mention, most of the days of winter.

A Quote for Christmas – The Penny Mason Post

Christmas is something new that comes each year to an old world. It is like new-fallen snow upon an old tree, a new flower upon an old plant, new shoes on aging feet, a new home in an old town, a new light on a dark street, new hope in an old situation. – Robert D. Wigert

Christmas Teddie?

I wonder if any of these teddies who posed for a local hobby display this fall, were part of a child’s Christmas, many years ago.

I still have my little beloved Teddy. He came at Christmas, one year when I was really litte . . . I’m not sure I should reveal the date . . .

Did any readers receive a Teddy for Christmas during their early years?

A Love of Ephemera from Christmases Past

The whimsical scenes of Victorian Christmas cards capture my imagination, and draw me into the spirit of the season.

Some years I’ve lined my windowsills with vintage postcards depicting detailed scenes of idyllic Christmastime experiences like the one above.

As a lover of creatures tame and wild, I appreciate that the Victorians who created paintings and designed cards seemed to include beloved pets in all their activites.

I’m certain those times were troubling to most of the population, though in other ways than today, but the cards added a touch of culture, hope for the future to their holidays, just as they do to mine today.










Images of the Mid-Twentieth Century A Family Dressed for Christmas

Christmas clothing choices are more casual for many of us today. I’m thankful for that, as I’m usually more ready for relaxation than celebration by the time the big day arrives. But I do miss the days when I was little and we all dressed up.

I try to wear a Holiday themed apron over my athleticwear, to brighten the mood a bit. But no high heels and no jewelry for me, though I love to see such attire on others.