Celebrate the New Year’s Debut but Do So Safely

Many of us are anxious to turn over the last calendar page of 2020 in the hope that 2021 will be more peaceful and safe for everyone. Let’s not let our enthusiasm create a hazard. Celebrate at a distance and don’t overindulge.

Love this vintage display of glasses, a reminder of mid-twentieth-century hospitality.

Halloween Celebration in the Local Cemetery

Perhaps some may question the tastefulness of Halloween decorations in the cemetery, but I had to smile when I spotted this pumpkin and his ghostly friend.

I do love to stroll our local cemetery. It’s a friendly, welcoming place, where people walk dogs and enjoy the outdoors.

I read the names on tombstones, sometimes spotting one I’ve never noticed, though I’ve walked that way many times before; visit graves of my ancestors and deceased friends, sit upon stone benches and remember . . . and plan for the future. . .

A Happy, Peaceful, and Thoughtful Fourth of July to All

On the Fourth of July, we pull off the road beside Pruet’s; the fireworks from four towns are visible here. With daylight saving time, the sun doesn’t set until 9:18, but it takes longer for the sky to lose it’s glow, so we sit on the grass, impatient for the dazzled glory, and we are children again, awed by this great land.

-Philip Gulley, Quaker pastor and author, in “Gorgeous Summer Evenings” Lighter Side – The Saturday Evening Post – July/August 2018