Cozy Comforters in Bright Colors – Bring Solace on Drab Late Winter Days

Can anyone help? Google is failing me this morning.

This photo of a comforter in a local vintage store triggered memories of the comforters that sat on a closet shelf in our home when I was a child. My mother told me my grandmother made them years before, but I can’t recall the construction method she described for sure.

I think they were stuffed with shreds of old rags, but I’m not certain I remember correctly. They had little strings tied in the centers of the squares as in this photo, presumably to hold the layers stably together.

Online searches don’t bring up anything specific to this type of construction.

If anyone know for certain how these old comforters were put together please share your knowledge in the comments section.

However they were made, there have been a lot of days lately when all I wanted to do was curl up under one with a good book, like my latest favorite read, Overkilt, by Kaitlyn Dunnett.

Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

Almost anybody can write a good love story. It’s much harder and more interesting to find out what it takes to be married for 50 years.

-Diana Gabaldon on writing the Outlander books.

Geraniums – The Flower that Makes Us Think of Home

A clay pot filled with pretty, cheerful geraniums symbolizes home to many of us.

Geraniums seem American to me, but The Complete Language of Flowers by Sheila Pickles says they are found all over the world.

I always think of them as the most domestic of plants, their bright blooms that last all year cheering family and visitors from their spots on indoor tables and windowsills, in pots on doorsteps, or nestled in flowerbeds.

Sheila Pickles associates them with the Mediterranean “where they tumble out of terracotta pots and down painted stone walls, the very color of them creating a festive mood.”

Most people purchase fresh geranium plants each spring, but I have saved the roots over winter, hung them upside down in a cool place, and replanted them the following spring. I’ve also over-wintered them as houseplants, back when I had the space.

New plants can be started from cuttings too, if one has time to do so.

They’re generally carefree and easy to grow, and reward us well with their mood lifting color, whether we select traditional scarlet red, or the myriad pinks and whites available in today’s garden centers.

Book Review: The Art of Mindful Reading – Embracing the Wisdom of Words By Ella Berthoud

The Art of Mindful Reading is a book for those of us enamored with the way words make us feel; who see reading as a pastime that touches each of our senses. And for those who have yet to discover these pleasures.

The lovely cover’s printed pattern hints at inlayed designs of days gone by. Nature lovers will take solace in its two shades of green and the third color, a maroonish brown.

Care has been taken with the paper selection. A cut above most of today’s choices, it’s smooth as silk, yet sturdy, not easily creased or torn.

Fittingly, the author, Ella Berthoud, is a bibliotherapist; a profession at which some may scoff. Frankly, it’s a role of which I hadn’t previously heard, but to which I now aspire. What fulfillment it would bring to prescribe appropriate titles to heal the ills afflicting individuals from various walks and at various stages of life.

Reading with mindful intent is the book’s stated theme. Its chapters address such topics as:

  • Where and when we might find stolen moments of reading time within our busy lives.
  • The importance of periodically making arrangements for two or three hours of private, uninterrupted literary indulgence, and how to accomplish this challenging goal.
  • How to incorporate reading into a yoga session.
  • Making use of audiobooks when time is extremely scarce.
  • The fun of sharing books or quotations from them with others.
  • Just to name a few . . .

Veteran readers and those who have yet to discover the pleasures of losing oneself in the world of words on a wintry afternoon, cuddled near a hearth, or sprawled in a hammock beneath a shade tree, on a hot summer day, will achieve equal enlightenment from the innovative concepts within this book’s pages.

 A great gift book at the Holidays, for a birthday, or just because . . .


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book post#4

Do ANY little girls still dream of becoming an everyday housewife, like the one Glen Campbell sang about in the sixties?

I’m certainly a great supporter of the right for females to pursue careers and to receive equal pay for equal work.

But if wives still had the right to stay home without harassment, if it was still possible to make a living on one income . . . it’s my belief that children would grow up with a greater sense of security, better manners, and a degree of common sense.


Make Pancakes: Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Books post #3

Who doesn’t remember their mother making pancakes on dark winter mornings?

My mom always burned some, but for some reason I savored the scent and bitterness of the black crustiness that clung to them. I always had to have milk, and for some reason a slice of bologna with mine, to cut the sweetness of the syrup.

Maybe it’s because we didn’t have sausage with ours. We used a mix. Aunt Jemima I believe, though the syrup was often Log Cabin.

Today, I most often prefer waffles, splurging for real maple syrup on the rare occasions when I enjoy them. Or a berry syrup is even better!

It’ll Grow Back – Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book – post 2

I seem to panic at so many simple things these days. Slippery roads, lost objects I know I’ll find later, the time (it creeps up so quickly) . . .

We all need a reminder that panic never solved anything. By going into “brain freeze” mode, we are so much less likely to spot simple solutions that so often save the day, or a project we thought we’d accidentally deleted but only saved under a different name.

A deep breath and a moment’s rest goes so much further in solving a problem. Try it next time you feel out of control of a situation.

A Wonderful Gift of Nostalgia for Christmas – and some timeless advice for the New Year as well . . .

Who didn’t love Little Golden Books? Such fun stories, and while they didn’t always contain a message as direct as Aesop’s Fables, they carried subtle messages for living well, with grace and good manners.

Over the first weeks of the New Year – or maybe spaced out over a few months, I’ll be tossing in some pages of this great book, with perhaps a few comments of my own.

Hope the whimsy and colorful illustrations take you back to childhood, and that the simple snippets of wisdom help you live a less stressed life today.

Vintage Men of Mystery

A display in the hobby section of our local fair featured sleuthing stories and accessories. Who didn’t love The Hardy Boys as a  collection of stories in print or as a TV Series?

Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson were two of my favorite heartthrobs during my teen years.

Lately I’ve been watching the re-runs on DVD. The two story set featuring a haunting European castle setting, starring prolific singer/songwriter Paul Williams are perfect for the autumn season.

Halloween may be over, but spooky stories play just as well in November.






Cats Acting Spacey? Jackson Galaxy Can Bring Their Behavior Down to Earth

Don’t Fret about your cat’s crazy behavior. Buy this book to learn how to live peacefully with your pet.

Perhaps this title is a bit much: Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat but Jackson Galaxy, musician/ pied piper of cats can truly come up with plans to calm frenzied felines. I’ve seen some pretty amazing results on his show, My Cat From Hell.

I have actually trained cats to sit or perform other actions usually only expected of dogs, but some cat behavior problems seem more puzzling than those of canines.

Jackson has studied their behavior and needs intricately, and is very perceptive concerning interactions at the homes where he’s called to perform interventions.

I’ve read his first book, telling the tale of how he developed his ability to intuitively analyze feline behavioral issues. Now has a new release – Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life With Your Cat.

Cat mojo, Jackson says, is the confidence cats exhibit when they’re at ease in their environment, and in touch with their natural instincts. He offers insights and solutions for owners to help their cats discover their own mojo. When their basic needs are met, it’s so much easier to shape behavior.

For more information on this title, please click the link below:

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