A Hope for Peace and a Unique Arrangement

This thrift shop find is whimsically inspirational. A reminder we can make great artistry from inexpensive found objects. Such fun to browse secondhand shops and view the unique ways merchandise can be displayed.

Just remember to wear a mask and keep your distance as you seek cheer and support local businesses these winter days – so stores can stay open safely.

The dove and the upward reaching display behind it seems symbolic of our hope for a more peaceful and positive 2021.

View from the Gas Pump – Storm Clouds Retreat Following a Late Afternoon Weather Event

Glancing up from the gas pump, I was intrigued by the sight of these retreating storm clouds, artistically arranged, just for my enjoyment, or so it seemed.

Always a weather buff, I used to be quite fond of storms, though sometimes today, they scare me. At different life stages, the same prompts trigger varying emotions, depending, I suppose upon how vulnerable we are feeling.

If they aren’t damaging, I’ve always thought thunderstorms quite fascinating.

A Memorable Gift – Inspired by Nature’s Autumn Artistry


Nearly identical aren’t they?

A friend who knows of my penchant for foliage brought me this lovely and delicious cookie recently.

The culinary artistry mirrored that of nature almost perfectly. The cookie was absolutely luscious but I’m thankful I thought to snap it’s photo before consuming – to preserve the memory of the gift and the experience of finding its twin on the lawn.

Tide Tossed Trees on a Lake Erie Beach

Nature’s artistry appears in many forms.

It’s fun to gather small pieces of driftwood in intriguing shapes, formed by the forces of wind and water.

The full size trunks that appear on the shore in the colder months leave me truly in awe of nature’s forces.

Lovely Leaves Lay Upon the Lawn

I had intended to include photos of varied leaves as they fell. Alas, we had an odd sort of color season this year. Eighty degree temps in early October caused a delay in the change.

A rain last week painted the leaves quickly, the wind that accompanied the storms blew them down almost immediately. That is, except for the ones that still remain green upon the trees. It’s all okay with me. Just hope no heavy snow falls upon the stragglers, dragging the tree limbs to the ground.

I really liked the way these leaves, crimson in hue when their topsides show, arranged themselves upon the lawn so thought I’d share their image.