Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

Animals don’t exist in order to teach us things, but that is what they have always done, and most of what tehy teach us is what we think we know about ourselves.

– Helen Macdonald in her book: Vesper Flights

Announcing . . . . A Murder of Crows – Anthology – By Darkhouse Books – Fun Stories for Lovers of Animals and Crime Stories

Associate writer Kathryn Gerwig’s story “The Martens and the Murder Attempt” appears in this excellent anthology for lovers of animals and crime stories — A Murder of Crows by Darkhouse Books.

Her tale follows a young couple from Ohio to New England where they make a new life for themselves and experience an adventure which includes the clever little martens that live in the surrounding woodland.

No animals were harmed in any of these intriguing tales so they’re pet and nature lover friendly.

Find it on Amazon. The price is right, so order a few extras for the readers on your Christmas list.


Book Review of Homeward Hound – By Rita Mae Brown

Always love heading to Virginia hunt country vicariously through these titles. The intelligent animals, especially the foxes offer interesting observations of human behavior.

One wouldn’t think the anthropomorphic approach would work for these stories, but it does. Wonderfully.

I got a bit confused by all the characters and motives in this one. Maybe it was just because I’m in a March fog. Lacking energy after the stress of winter. The topic of oil exploration and pipelines was key to the plot. It’s a hot topic in many areas of America today.

A bracing and fun cold season romp with hounds, horses, human foibles. A recommended read for those who love animals tame and wild, classic tradition, and analyzing the fascinating behavior of the human race.

Maple Seed Lunch at the Lake

On a recent trip to the shore, caught a shot of this cute little squirrel enjoying a seedy supper – or late lunch – on the stone path near the base of what appeared to be his home tree. It must take a lot of these seeds to make a full meal, but they appeared to be tasty.