A Dreamy Christmas Day After a Fearsome Eve of Fog

The services of Rudolph were definitely in order the night before this Christmas. Here in northern Ohio, we suffered roughly 36 hours of dense fog, from the evening of December 23 until Christmas morning. My drive home on the 24th was frightening at times, thought I am thankful it wasn’t snowing.

My wish for a green Christmas came when the fog cleared on Christmas morning. The temperature in the afternoon flirted with 60 degrees. It was a lovely day after a short, strange, and not so Christmasy season for me. No disasters, thankfully, it just didn’t really seem like Christmastime until yesterday.

Now I’m ready for the season to begin again, the light shows, cards, thoughts of giving. We can at least do those things for another week, and really, why not anytime? Especially the thoughtful giving to those in need part.

Following are a few photos from my stroll on the lawn after a tasty salmon dinner, before package opening. (We broke with tradition a bit this year, eating the holiday meal, with its new first course, first, before opening presents.

Who would want to remain inside on a day like today? Though I will say, the sun shining in through the windowpanes made my few decorations dazzle, and brightened spirits as well.

Drying apples bask in the golden light of a beautiful Christmas Day in Ohio


Blue bottles catch the slanting rays of sunlight on Christmas, three days past solstice this season.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAContrails from Christmas travelers line the sky over our lawn, from northwest to southeast.

GE DIGITAL CAMERABranches of the ash tree on our front lawn lean in a similar direction.

Though we can learn a lot from the beauty of the rhythms of the changing seasons, I wouldn’t complain if all Christmases were this balmy, not to mention, most of the days of winter.

Retreating Thunderclouds Hopefully Make Way for Pleasant Summer Days Ahead

Cumulonimbus are simultaneously threatening and lovely. Sunset tints these evening stormclouds pink as they retreat after a week of heavy rains.

We’ve had our share of precipitation and occasional heavy storms this spring. Hopefully the upcoming summer holds more balanced weather.

A Great Workday Morning Wakeup

As I pulled into the parking lot of my workplace, not long ago, this heavenly view greeted me, as I turned to open my car door. Wish all work days would begin this way. Sorry for the smudge on my camera’s lens!