John Lennon – the End of The Daily Prompt – and Finish Line Writers’ Challenge

retrospective on the demise of The Daily Prompt: Such a sad day. But as I entered the library and approached the computer this morning, I spotted a display of bios of famous rocker/philosophers.

Picking up John Lennon The Life, a thick work featuring much minutia on the complex experiences of this infamous Beatle, as sometimes happens when seeking insight, I instinctively opened to a page featuring just the though I need.

Sorry for the run-on sentence but here’s the quote I discovered:

“If the Beatles or the Sixties had a message, it was learn to swim. Period. And once you learn to swim, swim. The people who are hung up on the Beatles’ and the Sixties’ dream missed the whole point when the Beatles’ and the Sixties’ dream became the point. Carrying (it) around all your life is like carrying the Second World War and Glenn Miller around. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy Glenn Miller or the Beatles, but to live in that dream is the twilight zone.”

Though I wish it could continue, I believe John would advise us not to mourn the loss of The Daily Prompt, but to use the experience to come up with creative ideas for the future of our own blogs and creations.

Here’s an idea I’ve tried once before. Like the idea? Add a second sentence to the prompt below. Follow The Penny Mason Post if you’d like to see this challenge continue.

Finish Line – A Writer’s Challenge

Simply add another sentence to the prompt using the comments section: (family friendly, please – no inappropriate language or violence)

As Allia followed the corn picker through the darkness, down the curving county road, she held her breath and dropped back as the six row vehicle rounded each corner of the two lane highway. Suddenly the tractor pulling the farm equipment came to a halt. Rather than the sideswipe incident she had feared, however, their procession had halted because _________________________________.

P.S. Whether or not you choose to accept the challenge, I appreciate all my readers and am doing my best as time permits to visit all of you too. And thanks again to WordPress for getting my site up and running once more, after last week’s glitch, so I could stay with The Daily Prompt until the last post.

As John recommends, we shouldn’t hold onto the past, but can still enjoy what’s been created. The Beatles broke up but learned to create in their own special ways. They learned from each other and we enjoy what they accomplished together and apart.




Two Front Page Stories that Rock

This roller-coaster spring-winter weather can completely  deplete one’s energy. We are all in need of inspiration to take us through the transition to spring.

Two headlines in my favorite Newspaper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, today, April 14, 2018, entertained and inspired me this morning.

Nonprofit Landlord keeps Family Dollar on W 25th: Though not a big fan of dollar stores, they seem to have replaced privately owned retail shops in areas that lack larger retail outlets. The “corner store” referenced in the article was in danger of closing as it wasn’t as profitable as the expensive condos in the remainder of the building.

Thankfully , a neighborhood group formed a non-profit, Ohio City Inc. to keep the much needed retail outlet in the neighborhood, providing an essential service to those without ready access to shopping centers, and as a convenience for citizens of all incomes.

The group received some creative financing, allowing them to keep the store open, regardless of profit level, as long as it serves a need in the community. Hopefully this story can serve as a model for other citizens to find innovative ways to fill needs when profit goals rule over human needs, as they so often do these days.

On a lighter note, the story of the Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony prompted thoughts of some of my favorite bands. It seems Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, The Cars, The Moody Blues, Nina Simone, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe are being inducted this year. The latter two I’m not familiar with, but the others are long time favorites.

An inner page article shared some trivia about the Hall. The Beatles are the only band to have all members inducted individually also. Much of the memorabilia and displays seem to feature the iconic group, and rightly so. (See my blog article Where Would We Be Without The Beatles, under the category of Music culture).

I see the showers are starting outside, it seems the word snow is in the forecast for  next week too. Looks like I’ll need to seek out some more inspiring news features for next week.

Paul McCartney Stands Up for Start Up Musicians

Big business and political policies are stifling would be start-ups in all industries these days.

A recent Billboard article details the plight of small pubs and venues in Britain where The Beatles among a myriad of other “garage bands” some of which eventually made it to the big time honed their skills and tested the waters with the public.

Many of the locations, especially in London, are under threat of loss due to pressure from unscrupulous developers, with little protection from local or national government.

Paul McCartney is one of the prominent musicians speaking out about the issue:

“ . . . without grassroots clubs, pubs and music venues, my career could have been very different,” said McCartney, pledging his support to the Music Venue Trust’s #FIGHTBACK campaign.

“Artists need places to start out, develop and work on their craft and small venues have been the cornerstone for this. If we don’t support live music at this level, then the future of music in general is in danger,” said Paul, according to Billboard Magazine.

Thanks Paul and thanks to all the other successful musicians who stepped up to assist in keeping this opportunity for fledgling artists to play for the public.

As the late, great, Tom Petty so eloquently detailed in his ballad “The Last DJ”, we’ve already lost local dj’s in every small town who used to hold the freedom to determine their own play-list, where new bands could offer their records for public play. Let’s not lose these small venues too.

So now, I ask, where are the self-made industry and retail leaders who appreciate the opportunities that helped them rise in their field? Current conditions prohibit individuals with great ideas from going into business unless they already possess cash and connections.

Today’s industry leaders don’t seem to have the heart of artists like Paul who want to see others succeed.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment –

Keep Calm and Read On

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