Strong Emotions Can Spur Creativity

My heart was broken when I heard The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt will soon come to an end. Just as I’ve begun to depend on the site for finding favorite blogs.

My mind has been focused upon classic rock tunes of late. Today’s word prompt made me realize some of the best songs have been inspired by heartbreak. Perhaps some of us patrons of The Daily Post Prompt can come up with a similar sort of replacement.

Thought I’d share these sites I discovered featuring breakup songs from back in the day.

Here’s another  for your listening pleasure.


Alliums Appear Like Magic Orbs in a Meadow Years After I Though I’d Lost Them to a Flowerbed Remake

via Daily Prompt: Infect

With what excitement I viewed the re-emergence of these old flower friends. My favorite bed bit the dust several seasons past, due to a lawn reshape to prevent flooding.

While I’m thrilled not to live in fear of downpours, I really missed these giant purple alliums, and a few other old standbys I’d had for years.

They must have missed me too, as they reincarnated themselves in the form I would recognize. Nature never ceases to bring wonder. Wanted to share them today as they’re poised to pop, but will try to send a photo of them in full bloom too.

Another topic that’s troubling me today: My posts haven’t appeared on the Daily Prompt the last two days. Don’t know why, so I’ll try linking two ways today. Any thoughts???

Hope a virus or something didn’t infect my site.

P.S. I’m not seeing it, so now I’m really puzzled? ? ?

Popularity of Peppers With Punch

When I was a kid (can’t believe how often I’m saying that phrase of late) – no one grew or used hot peppers. At least no one I knew in this area of the Midwest. Farm food was pretty bland compared to today, except for the dishes of a few creative cooks.

Today, in garden centers  plants with a pedigree  providing them with a heavy degree of heat – not for the feint of palate  – are prolific.

Thought I’d share this cute warning I spotted at one local garden center. Actually not a bad idea, as a store I once worked for was threatened with a lawsuit over mislabeled peppers the customer said gave her a rash.

Hot peppers do need to be handled with care. Take a nibble before using in recipes, and never touch your eyes before washing after handling.


Drifts of Dogwoods Cloud Forest Clearings

We’ve had more than a slight warmup over the past week, though a couple of days returned to cool temperatures. Just the usual roller-coaster thermometer readings of a Midwestern spring.

Clouds of dogwoods burst forth in forest clearings over the weekend. This photo near my home doesn’t do justice to the fairy-tale setting but, still, I wanted to try to share them with you.

A storm system that stalled out just south of us, as I understand, brought thundershowers to nurture the earth with moisture and nitrogen. Friends were waiting for that warm rain, wishing for morels to pop up under the may-apples and trillium on forest floors. They got their wish, now I’m hoping for a sunny afternoon fit for planting pots of flowers and herbs for my back dooryard.

Mother’s Day Bouquet or a Basket that Will Bloom All Summer?

My opinion on this topic may be a bit skewed by the fact that I love to be surrounded by live flowers.

From the first touch of the soil at spring planting, through midsummer weeding, to enjoying blossoms at their peak just before frost, when I’m tempted to take them all inside in spite of limited space, flowers sustain my spirit.

I do love bouquets, but for me (and for my Mom when she was alive) a living basket of blooms is the best gift. My favorites will always be hanging geraniums, especially the ivy kind, in spite of all the lovely variety of new petunia types, and mixed baskets of unique plants available today.

Let me know whether you’re presenting your mother with posies this year, and if you’re a mom yourself, tell me which you prefer . . .

Happy Mother’s Day to All

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Fun Flower Find – Picasso Purple

One of the most exciting times of the year for me has always been bedding season. The time when gardeners go to greenhouses large and small seeking new varieties and old favorites to fill flower beds with flair and grow veggies with which to create new recipes.

Sometimes I’m saddened to be unable to find favorite flowers from my past I know will grow well for me, but I do love the new patterns the plant breeders have come up with recently.

Here’s one I found on a recent trip to a favorite garden center: Picasso Purple Supertunia – Petunia. What a fun color combo. I didn’t get one as it doesn’t really match the other plants I picked, but bedding season isn’t over yet . . . I may just find a spot . . . perhaps a pot of them could be a focal point near our seating area on the edge of the forest.

Flowering Shrubs of Spring are a Perfect Prelude to Mother’s Day Weekend

If I was a bit more of a rebel I would be inclined to  rebel  ( gotta love the English language!) today, turn up 97.5 on the radio dial, and take to the highway on a sightseeing spree to see all the lovely flowering trees and shrubs.

So many are in full bloom simultaneously this spring. One good thing that’s come from the quick temperature trip from winter to summer. Forsythia (pictured here), is still showing bloom, while the scent of lilacs begins to fill the air, just in time for Mother’s Day. When my husband and I were children, we loved to pick the pretty purple and white sprays to proudly present as gifts to our appreciative Moms.

Clouds of crabapple form tunnels over the streets as specimen magnolias shed petals on greening lawns.

How appropriate to celebrate Mother’s Day as new life begins to blossom all around us.

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So Much Fun to Observe the Daffodil Varieties as I Drive About Town

These  little beauties grow amid concrete drives beside our library. It’s raining today but the glowing yellow and orange of their pretty petals helps to brighten spirits. I love to see the wide range of  daffodil and other spring flower varieties I observe on my commutes each day. Flowers are such a wonderful way of expressing our personal artistic preferences and welcoming the changing seasons.

A Gift That’s Kept On Giving

The abrupt but welcome appearance of so many spring flowers this week has taken me by surprise.

A start of this special violet was inadvertently gifted to me by a friend many years ago. The little sprig came along with the roots of a couple of colors of iris my friend thought I would like. I do still have the iris, but this little violet is so unique it’s really the favorite thing she’s given me.

It’s lasted all this time, but only blooms once a year, just like our friendship. We still care but so seldom take the time to call or get together.