A Twisted Mass of Fishing Lines Finds Itself Entangled Within a Driftwood Design

What a cool challenge. Thought I’d have to search for a subject, but a quick check at my memory card revealed this shot not two weeks old. Another of my wave-bourne lake treasures, like the tiny pieces of sea glass I tuck in a pocket to remember serene moments spent strolling the shore.

Twisted branches and tiny lines create a complex work of art.

My View of America’s Most Photographed Lighthouse – The Nubble – Cape Neddick, Maine

My place in the world is the New England Coast – in one of the small but highly civilized villages along Route 1.

I don’t live there now, but I visit when I can. Perhaps someday I’ll call the Atlantic Shore home. As a writer, for me, there’s no more inspirational area than a small coastal town where nature and the nature of human community combine so perfectly.

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