Beautiful Blue Wine Glasses – Great for Winter Desserts Too

Not a fan of wine? These blue works of glass artistry could show off a special dessert too. What about a parfait, a trifle, or just plain pudding or jello?

Nothing wrong with simple treats like we enjoyed back in the days of childhood – in a perhaps unconventional, but lovely, still, presentation. Something special on a wintry evening, a cooling refreshment on the warm summer days we hope will arrive before too long.

Published by

Penny Mason

Penny Mason is the name behind Penny Mason Publications and The Penny Mason Post. The Penny Mason Post is a variety blog, based on the theme of "vintage values for today's times". The Post's articles address favorite topics of mystery stories, pets, nature, vintage style and culture, classic rock music, coastal living. The site includes observations, innovations, memories and musings on these and similar topics by associate writers, Posts include suggestions for bringing the best of mid-twentieth century culture into today's lifestyle to relieve twenty-first century stress and make life better for all of us. Penny Mason Publications offers freelance writing and content creation services, as well as publications by associate authors.

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