Picking My Own Blueberries – A Neglected Tradition

I came home from the store with a quart of blueberries, then realized the old bushes on my front lawn are bearing better this year.

Or maybe there are less birds snatching them before they ripen for some reason.

I used to have to cover the bushes with netting if I wanted any hope of harvesting some for us.

These last few years I haven’t kept up with gardening like I used to. The number of berries ripe for picking was a surprise. I think there were some wild raspberries in the field I missed also.

I washed a few of the frosty blue orbs, washed them under the spring, and popped them into my mouth. A little tart, but they tasted like summer.

These days, I’m writing every spare minute, and that’s a good thing, I believe,  but I must remember to save a bit of time to walk about the lawn, relax, smell the honeysuckle, trim the multi-flora roses that are overtaking the blueberries and everything else!

I’m also reminded of the blueberry galettes I used to love to throw together with juicy berries fresh from the garden or the fields surrounding our home.

Here’s a link to a recipe for  Blueberry-Pecan Galette if you’d like to try this impressive dessert that’s not difficult to create.

Lately, I’ve just been enjoying blueberries and vanilla yogurt on my morning Wheaties.

Berries are classed as a superfood, and I do seem to feel stronger and better able to face my day after a simple breakfast that includes them.

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