John Lennon – the End of The Daily Prompt – and Finish Line Writers’ Challenge

retrospective on the demise of The Daily Prompt: Such a sad day. But as I entered the library and approached the computer this morning, I spotted a display of bios of famous rocker/philosophers.

Picking up John Lennon The Life, a thick work featuring much minutia on the complex experiences of this infamous Beatle, as sometimes happens when seeking insight, I instinctively opened to a page featuring just the though I need.

Sorry for the run-on sentence but here’s the quote I discovered:

“If the Beatles or the Sixties had a message, it was learn to swim. Period. And once you learn to swim, swim. The people who are hung up on the Beatles’ and the Sixties’ dream missed the whole point when the Beatles’ and the Sixties’ dream became the point. Carrying (it) around all your life is like carrying the Second World War and Glenn Miller around. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy Glenn Miller or the Beatles, but to live in that dream is the twilight zone.”

Though I wish it could continue, I believe John would advise us not to mourn the loss of The Daily Prompt, but to use the experience to come up with creative ideas for the future of our own blogs and creations.

Here’s an idea I’ve tried once before. Like the idea? Add a second sentence to the prompt below. Follow The Penny Mason Post if you’d like to see this challenge continue.

Finish Line – A Writer’s Challenge

Simply add another sentence to the prompt using the comments section: (family friendly, please – no inappropriate language or violence)

As Allia followed the corn picker through the darkness, down the curving county road, she held her breath and dropped back as the six row vehicle rounded each corner of the two lane highway. Suddenly the tractor pulling the farm equipment came to a halt. Rather than the sideswipe incident she had feared, however, their procession had halted because _________________________________.

P.S. Whether or not you choose to accept the challenge, I appreciate all my readers and am doing my best as time permits to visit all of you too. And thanks again to WordPress for getting my site up and running once more, after last week’s glitch, so I could stay with The Daily Prompt until the last post.

As John recommends, we shouldn’t hold onto the past, but can still enjoy what’s been created. The Beatles broke up but learned to create in their own special ways. They learned from each other and we enjoy what they accomplished together and apart.




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Penny Mason

Penny Mason is a writer who loves mysteries, pets, nature, gardening, vintage style and culture, classic rock, the New England Coast and the North Coast.

4 thoughts on “John Lennon – the End of The Daily Prompt – and Finish Line Writers’ Challenge”

    1. Read your latest post. Didn’t see a place to comment, so commenting here. You’re spot on, sadly. Thought I’d found a fresh site, so unlike the world today. Seemed I was interacting with others who, though we might not agree on everything, were admiring each other writing, opinions, fun things we shared. Politely. Respectfully.
      I was becoming a bit optimistic that government, and business might open up to the “little person” someday, offering opportunities like we had in mid twentieth century America.
      What was I thinking?!
      I do believe we need to remain positive to open the door for progression, and The Daily Post Interactions were helping me do so.
      You have much more experience than I regarding the ways of the web.
      Keep working on a way for us all to connect.


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