Fun Flower Find – Picasso Purple

One of the most exciting times of the year for me has always been bedding season. The time when gardeners go to greenhouses large and small seeking new varieties and old favorites to fill flower beds with flair and grow veggies with which to create new recipes.

Sometimes I’m saddened to be unable to find favorite flowers from my past I know will grow well for me, but I do love the new patterns the plant breeders have come up with recently.

Here’s one I found on a recent trip to a favorite garden center: Picasso Purple Supertunia – Petunia. What a fun color combo. I didn’t get one as it doesn’t really match the other plants I picked, but bedding season isn’t over yet . . . I may just find a spot . . . perhaps a pot of them could be a focal point near our seating area on the edge of the forest.

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Penny Mason

Penny Mason is a writer who loves mysteries, pets, nature, gardening, vintage style and culture, classic rock, the New England Coast and the North Coast.

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