Take a Spin to Your Local Music Shop in Celebration of Saturday’s Holiday

I’ve always felt that if I was granted a wish, as from a
Genie, I would wish to finish out my life in the “Happy Days” of the nineteen fifties and sixties, when life really was good, for a greater share of Americans, when cool tunes ruled the airways, and played on turntables in homes across the country.

April 21 is National Record Store Day according to community table.parade.com

What better way to celebrate than to purchase an LP, or perhaps a 45, whatever suits your fancy. Visit recordstoretoday.com to find a shop in your region.

These popular stores disappeared for a couple of decades, but are now popping up once more, as younger generations discover the pleasures of playing vinyl.

One that apparently never disappeared is America’s Oldest Record Store in Johnstown, PA. John George, 75 is carrying on the tradition begun by his father and uncle, in 1932, when they opened George’s Song Shop (love the title).

John says that the young people today are the ones buying records, while the older people are the ones buying CDs, according to the communitytable article. Real records seem to be enjoying a renaissance with young music lovers. I even saw an LP section at Wal-Mart the other day.

In their heyday, there was no place more exciting than the local record store, no more exciting time for teens than purchasing their personal copy of the latest hit they heard on the radio.

So celebrate this Saturday by seeking out a shop in your region. If you remember the days, you’ll relive the experience, if you’re too young to have known them, you will discover the thrill of hearing classic tunes played on vinyl.

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Penny Mason

Penny Mason is a writer who loves mysteries, pets, nature, gardening, vintage style and culture, classic rock, the New England Coast and the North Coast.

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