Finish Line: Write Your Own Ending to – A Radiant Bride’s Storybook Wedding?

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The bride was radiant as she descended the stairs, a daisy chain crown topping her  head of soft, light brown center parted hair. The assembled crowd in the parlor of the historic Victorian mansion experienced a collective intake of breath.

Though she wore little makeup, Darcy Farrow’s face was gorgeous. The lovely lady, in her late twenties seemed to have stepped out of 1968, traveling quickly back in time as she descended into a room filled with well preserved nineteenth century furniture.

Darcy’s frilly pink and green print caftan fluttered in the breeze from the open window on the landing. A silver heart pendant shone from the opening of the v-necked caftan. Her feet were clad in light brown leather Birkenstock style sandals.

April, Darcy’s niece sprinkled red rose petals along the pink carpet runner that led to the altar in front of the massive fireplace. The gathered crowd stood to watch the lovely young bride glide between the seats, covered in pale green to blend with the nature themed Victorian decor of the historic mansion the bride’s family had rented for the occasion. The roar of the ocean could be heard outside the windows of the home, the rear lawn of which descended toward a rocky cliff near the northern edge of the town of York Maine.

As the bride approached the altar, where a bearded, tunic wearing gentleman waited to perform the ceremony, flanked on one side by Darcy’s friends, wearing silky pink and green mini dresses, the young bride turned toward the groom and . . . Readers are invited to compose the next lines of this story in the comments section!

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Penny Mason

Penny Mason is a writer who loves mysteries, pets, nature, gardening, vintage style and culture, classic rock, the New England Coast and the North Coast.

2 thoughts on “Finish Line: Write Your Own Ending to – A Radiant Bride’s Storybook Wedding?”

  1. I haven’t written any fiction in years (like a good decade), but I really liked the idea of doing this. I realize this isn’t really an ending to the story you’ve begun, but this is my tidbit….

    as their gazes collided with one another, tears filled both their eyes. This day had finally come. They were going to pledge their love in front of friends and family, and begin their life together united as one. Joy and excitement overflowed Darcy’s heart and beamed from her shiningly smiling face. Her heart skipped a beat as she witnessed John’s reaction to seeing her for the first time today.
    John, with every ounce of his being, took a deep breath in, right hand over his heart, actively reminding himself to breathe. What a beautiful sight Darcy was in her flowing gown. “She wore the daisy chain I got for her” he thought while admiring how her brown hair made the daisies pick up the white sparkle in her eyes.
    A big toothy smile that showcased his perfectly straight and whitened teeth crept upon John’s face as he said to himself, “Today is the day I finally get to call her my ‘wife’.”
    Anticipation for this day had been building since the first time John laid eyes on Darcy. As she slowly cascaded down the isle toward him, he reflected on the days leading up to this very moment.

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  2. Thanks so much for adding to the story. Your post showed great feeling, continuing the spirit of the story. I’ll be visiting your blog too!


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