Olympic Spirit Personified – Skater Scott Hamilton

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Scott Hamilton estimates he fell down 41,600 times in his career, according to an article in Parade Magazine, Sunday, Feb 4, 2018. That’s how many times he got up too, he said.

Thoughts of this historic skater-entertainer-commentator can easily conjure up memories of earlier Olympic performances observed with my mother who was a great fan of Scott.

I had heard about Scott’s ongoing, courageous battle with cancer and his enduring positive attitude throughout treatments. But what I didn’t know until reading this recent article is that he was not a natural skater as a child. Suffering from a mysterious illness that stunted his growth, he spent much time in hospitals and doctor’s offices. His condition didn’t improve until he took up skating at age 9 according to the Parade article.

Scott wasn’t a good skater, but was driven to practice long hours. He learned through endless failure until finally succeeding as he reached his twenties. He believes his early failure prepared him to be resilient under difficult circumstances later in life.

I am greatly inspired by Scott’s story- an amazing demonstration of what the human spirit can accomplish if one is totally focused upon a goal.

Not many of us can maintain that type of dedication consistently, in perfecting a skill, or surviving a serious illness, but hearing Scott’s story makes me determined to strive harder to accomplish my fitness and career goals.

Read Scott’s book, released February 6, 2018, Finish First: Winning Changes Everything: To learn more, click the link below:

Finish First: Winning Changes Everything

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