Pre-training Your Pet Before You Enroll Can Create an Obedience School Star

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On maplewoodblog today, I read an article recommending putting a leash on your puppy when he’s not in his crate, for ease in getting him to the door for housetraining – and to redirect him without effort if he’s headed somewhere he shouldn’t be.

Such a simple thing, so effective and easier for owners too. Yet so many balk at doing simple things that prevent problems down the road. A Penny Mason Publications offering, Calming Your Canine: One Simple Step to a Better Behaved Pet by Kathryn Gerwig (2015-11-19) offers more simple, sensible ways for owners to change behavior before enrolling in obedience classes. I’ve attended many sessions where the canines were completely out of control at the first class. Some remained so at graduation day. A room full of dogs that have not received previous socialization or training is not an ideal  environment for learning, to say the least.

The book and maplewoodblog’s site offer ways to shape behavior, helping your pet to better benefit from the socialization and assistance offered when you enroll in formal classes.

NOTE: Never leave the leash on when you’re not watching your pet!

If you have a puppy, best wishes for a long and happy life together. If not perhaps a friend could benefit from this tip. I’m posting this on the pennymasonpublications facebook page too. You’re welcome to share.

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