Weekly Wisdom – The Penny Mason Post

The secret of happiness is to make others think they are the cause of it.

– Al Batt

Remember – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie?


’56 T Bird I Believe?

I’m no expert and I forgot to take notes, but I think that’s the year and make of this cool car I saw at a recent show. I like the color. My favorite hue for clothing and really, many things. Hot colors are great for some, but only suit me as small accents.

I would love to drive the byways in this cool green car. Don’t know about the forward lifting hood. Could I still reach in to check the oil?

Cottage Garden Gems

Not a normal combination for my kitchen table decoration, but was in a mood for cool hot colors on a recent cloudy day. The orange red nasturtium and the variegated¬† impatien aren’t well color coordinated. Still they brightened the table and my mood.

Hotel Room Peeper

This visitor greeted me when I pulled the blinds to make sure no one looked into my hotel room during a recent overnight stay.

I was okay with this guy though. Haven’t seen one of these for awhile – a walking stick I believe? Or is it a praying mantis? Doesn’t quite look like either from this view?

The First Lovely Leaf – Unfortunately

This lovely leaf is, unfortunately, a likely harbinger of many to come. Autumn may be a lovely season, but I tend to focus a bit much upon the future at times.

Thus, I’m often more unsettled by the thought of coming winter than I am when it’s actually here.

Once it arrives, I tend to take things one day at a time. I should do that now, so as to fully appreciate the change.

As John Denver said, “If it were mine to make the change, I think I’d let it be. But I don’t remember¬† hearing anybody asking me.”

Treasure in the Sand

I never tire of sifting through the lakeside sand for wave tossed wonders. Three small triangles of glass, a cool piece of driftwood that’s obviously from a structured object- I’m trying to guess what it’s from- and several interesting stones were things that called to me this last Sunday.

I keep imagining the wood might be from a shipwreck. Yes, I realize it’s more likely from a lakefront shanty, but that’s okay. Watching the waves exercises the imagination. Some day I’m really going to write my book of made up histories of found objects. I think it would be so much fun to read and to write such stories.