Associate Writer Kathryn Gerwig’s Story Appears in Landfall-The Best New England Crime Stories – Anthology

Kathryn is excited to announce that her story “Buried in Bressingham”¬† – A Modern Tale of Murder appears in this prominent mystery publication. She wishes to thank the editors, and recommends the purchase of the publication, which contains many other exciting mystery stories by seasoned authors and fresh new voices. Visit to obtain the book or kindle version.

Many thanks to the editors of Landfall (published by Level Best Books) for selecting Kathryn’s title and for their hard work in preparing all of the stories for publication.

Author Profile: Kathryn Gerwig specializes in lifestyle articles and essays and cozy mystery stories. She enjoys pets, nature, vintage style, and coastal culture.

She is a contributor to Thrive Global, We Said Go Travel ,and other sites promoting positive living.

Her non-fiction titles “Calming Your Canine, One Simple Step to a Better Behaved Pet”, “Front Porch Perspectives”, and “Herbs for Health and Happiness” are available through links at and at


Vintage Vases are Always a Temptation . .

Whenever I visit this favorite thrift shop, my vision zeroes in on the lovely wall display of sparkling glassware from years past.

A dose of color therapy, as well as a trigger for memories.

The simple experience of growing one’s own posies, choosing¬† a few to clip for indoor enjoyment, and arranging them casually in a colorful container can be immensely rewarding.

Some mid-twentieth century homes include windows with narrow shelves across the bases of the panes.

I still regularly pass a few of these, lined with colorful vases and interestingly shaped art glass. What a wonderful way to enjoy the vases and bring color to one’s home in winter.

Vintage Towels in 100% Cotton Seem So Much Softer than the Materials of Today . . .

I collect vintage linens. Not the fancy ones from Victorian times, but the ones from the mid-twentieth century, when quality of fabric production reached it’s peak.

I discovered this pretty pink and white set in a quality second hand shop, complete with sparkly ribbon. What fun to take them home like a gift received from a friend.

The ribbon cutting has been put off for awhile while I enjoy my fun vintage find. Eventually one day, I will snip the ribbon and throw my fluffy new towels in the wash, permeating them with the scent of my favorite laundry soap. I will pull them from the dryer, touch them to my face and savor the spirit of the time when the towels were woven, in a thriving textile factory of a few decades ago.

Perhaps they were purchased by a housewife as she shopped with her children, maybe they were opened as a gift at the wedding?

I so enjoy making up stories from impressions triggered by second-hand bargains.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book post #5

Reminds me of June Cleaver, climbing a ladder to vacuum her door tops in dress and high heels!

Well, I must admit to wearing sweatpants around the house quite often . . .  or staying in pajamas till noon on my days off . . . but I get the point.

Our society has become much too casual, with grown persons going about town in oddly printed pajama pants . . . at least we should throw a pair of exercise pants over them like I do if I must run to the store in a hurry!



Fun Vintage Find – Winter Rabbit

Discovered this lovely plate in a thrift shop in December – passed it up, and can’t remember for sure, was is of Scandinavian origin? Photo doesn’t do it justice, of course, but it evoked the beautiful spirit of wildlife in winter.

I don’t go on as many winter walks as in the past, but stepping through snowscapes, sharing the experience with those whose only shelter is a fence row or a burrow can be quite inspirational.